Mike Steineke

Windows RT on Surface


So I received my Microsoft Surface today via FedEx...  The device is pretty nice, although I already have something that I think would have made the product much better.  One of the most useful things I think you can do with a portable easy to use device like this tablet is email.  Phones and slates all have mail clients that are good for reading mail, and occasionally sending one.  Delete also a really helpful feature.  When I bought my iPad (yes I own one) I thought, great, I can crank through a bunch of email while on planes, etc...  Not really the case with how Apple implemented Exchange activesync.  I thought Surface, with Windows RT - perfect I will have Outlook, not the case I should have read the specs closer...   Only the Metro Mail App, it works, but it is nothing like using Outlook, looks like I am now waiting for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, so I can have my slate, and my Outlook too.